compressed facial mask fabric 100pcs spunlaced nonwoven fabric manufacturer tencel fiber

Group Compressed Facial Mask
Min. Order 50000 piece
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Update Time 2020-09-18
Item specifics
MaterialTencel fiber
Product typeSpunlace nonwoven fabric
Mask typeCompressed facial sheet mask
StyleSmall mesh
Weight (range)25gsm (25~45gsm)
Finishing processPrinted, compressed with logo, different sizes, pa
Die cut sizecustomizable
Place of originChina
Packing unit quantity20000 pcs per carton
Warranty period3 years

We are a spunlaced nonwoven fabric manufacturer, and the compressed facial mask fabric is one of our main products.

After encountering liquid (pure water, juice, beauty lotion, etc.), this product will automatically open and become a complete facial mask.

The product of this model is made of tencel non-woven fabric with safe, environmentally friendly and biodegradable material.

By this way, you can complete the beauty and skin care anytime and anywhere.We can also provide other compressible non-woven products.

compressed facial mask fabric 100pcs

No.: RR-2560

Material: Tencel fiber

Product type: Spunlace nonwoven fabric

Mask type: Compressed facial sheet mask

Style: Small mesh

Weight (range): 25gsm (25~45gsm)

Description: The fabric is made of Japannonwoven fiber, which performs excellent on transparency, soft touch andabsorbing essence easily. It weighs 22gsm so that it absorb much water. Thewater it absorbs 10 times its weight. The material is tough, soft and elasticand has a firm lifting effect on skin. Without adding fluorescent agents,brighteners or any other chemicals, it has soft touch and will not cause skinallergies. It’s easy to unfold after getting in touch with water. We can cut itto other sizes to meet different needs.

Finishing process: Printed, compressed withlogo, different sizes, packages and style provided

Feature: Light, transparent and watertrapping

Die cut size: customizable

Place of origin: China

Packing unit quantity: 20000 pcs per carton

Warranty period: 3 years