100% Aloe fiber spunlace non-woven fabric sterilization anti-inflammatory facial sheet mask fabric

Group Herbaceous Facial Mask Sheet
Min. Order 50000 sheet
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Update Time 2020-08-20
Item specifics
Material100% Aloe fiber
Product typeSpunlace nonwoven fabric
Mask typesheet
Styleplain weave
Weight (range)55gsm (30~120gsm)
Finishing processCompression, printing, freeze-dried powder sprayin
Die cut sizecustomizable
Place of originChina
Packing unit quantity12000 sheets per carton
Warranty period3 years

We are a spunlaced non woven fabric manufacturer in China.

We are good at using cupro fiber to make various spunlace non woven fabrics and their products.

At the same time, we use the essence of Chinese herbal medicine to develop a variety of spunlace non-woven fabrics containing Chinese medicine ingredients such as aloe fiber, lotus seed fiber, honeysuckle fiber, and tea fiber. Make beauty facial mask products have more significant beauty effects.

Aloe fiber is rich in aloe extract, which is a kind of Herbaceous fiber. 

It has natural bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, diminishing stains and skin beauty effects. 

Using it to make Spunlace non  woven fabric and facial sheet mask fabric also has similar effects. Combining the beauty material with similar nutrients, the facial mask product has a more significant effect.



100% Aloe fiber facial sheet mask fabric

No.: CAL60/KR

Material: 100% Aloe fiber

Product type: Spunlace nonwoven fabric

Mask type: sheet

Style: plain weave

Weight (range): 55gsm (30~120gsm)

Description: The product fabric weight of 55gsm, plain weave style, full cross process, and high pressure spunlace process. It's very soft and has excellent conformability. It is very popular in markets and regions such as China, Korea, and Japan.

Finishing process: Hard treatment on demandand freeze-drying injection

Feature: Customized M pattern, soften andthick

Die cut size: customizable

Place of origin: China

Packing unit quantity: 12000 sheets percarton

Warranty period: 3 years