Customized mask:What are you thinking about?

Customized mask:What are you thinking about?


Masks are a category of skin care products that are used for skin hydration and also have multiple functions such as moisturizing, moisturizing, nourishing, improving appearance, and deep cleansing.

What do you need to consider when you want to customize a mask?

First of all, what kind of mask effect do you need? Moisturizing or whitening, anti-aging, acne and other functions?

Secondly, how to choose the mask fabric? Is it a mask fabric material that can highlight product effects or have functional added value, and is even widely recognized or recognized by the consumer group?

Finally, what other services can the processor provide?

Proyons Bio-tech can provide comprehensive supporting services such as material formulation design, material selection of various mask fabrics, packaging art design, support of sales channels, and market experience. We provide one-stop OEM production for domestic and foreign customers such as chain beauty salons in products with more novel concepts, such as freeze-dried facial masks, tubular facial masks, and jelly facial masks.

In the future channels for product promotion, we can provide necessary publicity endorsements. We have a number of raw material patents, so that your products have multiple endorsements, make product promotion and selling points more prominent, help improve market trust, and make it easier for products to start.

OEM ODM Private Label for Anti-aging & Firming Biodegradable Face Mask For Skin Care Moisturizing Facial Mask
Anti-aging & firming biodegradable face mask skin care facial mask to solve skin problems.
Brightening Hydrate Firming Face masks Customized Organic Vitamin C Dark Spots Fading Beauty Skin Care Facial Mask
Vitamin C Dark Spots Fading skin care facial mask to solve skin problems.
Beauty Face Masks Water Replenishing And Whitening Hyaluronic Acid Mask For Skin Care Korean Facial Sheet Mask
Anti-aging & firming biodegradable facial mask skin care facial mask to solve skin problems.