Whether fluorescent brighteners are allowed in spunlaced nonwoven products?

Portable fluorescent brightener is a fluorescent dye that makes fabric look white. There is still a lack of consensus on the hazard of fluorescent whitening agent and there is no authoritative data on the toxicity of fluorescent whitening agent. 

However, as a spunlaced non woven fabric manufacturer.We in order to ensure the safety of consumers, our enterprise standard stipulates that spunlaced non-woven fabrics and their related products(It includes facial mask sheet,thickened disposable towel,compressed ,towel and so on.) should not be transferrable fluorescent whitening agent to prevent the transfer of fluorescent whitening agent to the human body.

At the same time, in our widely used materials, such as tencel, viscose fiber, cupro fiber,silk, bamboo fiber, tea fiber and so on, there will not be any addition and use of fluorescent whitening agent.

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