About The Finishing Of Non-manufactured Fabrics
The definition of finishing of non-manufactured fabric covers the whole process of pre-treatment, dyeing, printing and finishing in printing and dyeing processing. In a broad sense, it refers to the process of deep processing of non-woven fabric products, which is the formation of non-woven fabric by fiber mesh through fixed net. After that, a series of processes are designed to improve the appearance and intrinsic quality, provide product performance, and give special features to the product.

The role of nonwoven finishing is to improve hand and appearance, improve intrinsic quality, provide product performance, impart special features and styles to the fabric, and increase the final added value of the product.

The finishing content is roughly divided into cloth surface active finishing, shrinking finishing, soft finishing, stiff finishing, hydrophilic (oil) finishing, water repellent (oil) finishing, electrostatic finishing, layer finishing, printing and dyeing finishing, composite finishing, flame retardant finishing. , aromatic finishing and other chemical finishing.

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