What is biofiber mask cloth?
The biofiber mask is one of the masks, which is a fibrous body made by natural fermentation of Acetobacter xylinum. It has the function of skin-like, can isolate bacteria by oxygen, and can make the coverings used for burning burns through the rigorous fermentation engineering to breed the nano-scale organic fibers.
Due to the complexity of the manufacturing process, some problems have arisen, such as high cost and unsatisfactory application stability. Compared with traditional non-woven fabrics, the selling point of bio-fiber facial mask cloth is organic, no addition, and the like. However, the film cloth is only a tool for holding the material in the mask product. The use time is about 30 minutes or less. In a short period of time, it is possible to isolate bacteria and even repair damaged skin tissue in a short period of time. Experimental data support. More mask cloth products, welcome customers to come to consult and negotiate!

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