Deep Development And Improvement Of Elastic Non-woven Fabric
Elastic non-woven fabric is made of elastic cotton, which belongs to a kind of hollow crimped fiber and a low-melting fiber, and is made into a raw material. After a certain process, the elastic cotton with three-dimensional distribution of fibers is prepared. Elastic cotton is a very high-strength rubber band that is added during spinning.

The advantage of the elastic non-woven fabric is that it has good hand feeling, elastic foot, large stretchability, can adapt to the needs of bending of various parts of the body, is not easy to wrinkle, and is not easy to produce pleats. At the same time, the lack of water retention performance is a hard injury to the elastic nonwoven fabric. In general, the water absorption rate of the elastic nonwoven fabric is only about 9.2 times. To further increase the water retention rate, it is necessary to use different fiber blends and then pass the strength test to maintain the fabric elasticity. At present, the elastic non-woven fabric manufactured by Puyonghao Company can achieve 14 times water absorption rate. The elastic test is based on the American ASTM D3107-75 standard (elastic fabric test method), and the elastic elongation, elastic recovery rate and shrinkage of the cloth surface are obtained. Rate and other comprehensive tests and adjustments, accurate to the balance of the elastic and water absorption per square centimeter of the cloth surface. For more products and manufacturing processes of elastic non-woven fabrics, please consult.

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