Is there a corresponding substitute for EGF oligopeptide-1?

In view of the ability of EGF to repair cells on the surface of the skin, if you need to find alternatives, firstly, you need to distinguish and choose the repair content and project.

For example , if is is necessary to adjust collagen/elastin, PAL-KTTKS, tripeptide-10, acetyltetrapeptide, hexapeptide VGVAPG, etc. may be selected; if anti-melanin production is required, tetrapeptide (His-D-Phc-Arg-Trp), decapeptide, acetyl hexapeptide-1, decapeptide-12 may be selected; if it is desired to inhibit live enzyme activity, soybean peptide, rice polypeptide, silk fibroin peptide, and the like can be selected. These peptides are used in combination to repair and protect the surface cells of the skin, and can be safely and efficiently used as a cosmetic raw material.

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