Precautions for matching facial sheet mask fabric with essence

Facialsheet mask is a kind of spunlaced nonwoven fabric, which is also called jetspunlaced cloth. High pressure water stream is pierced into the fiber web toentangle the fiber, then original spunlaced nonwoven fabric would get a certainstrength and a complete fabric structure.

Theprocess is as below: fiber metering mixing, opening and removing impurities,mechanical messing carding, web prewetting, water needle entanglement, surfacetreatment, drying, winding, inspection and packaging.

Dueto the process, the precautions for using fabric surface is to avoid changingthe winding structure of the fiber and causing the deformation of fabricsurface. In series of Prius products, the content of copper ammonia fiber addedby each film cloth ranges from 30% to 100%. Copper ammonia fiber is sensitiveto some additives in the essence. Once the dosage exceeds the standard, it iseasy to cause change of physical properties, the fabric surface would bedeformed.

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