What’s difference between Cuprammonuium fiber facial sheet mask fabric and Lyocell fiber facial shee

Cuprofiber, Cuprammonuium fiber, is one kind of regenerated cellulose fiber. It’smade through following processes: dissolving a natural cellulose raw materialsuch as cotton linters in a concentrated ammonia solution of copper hydroxideor an alkaline copper salt to form a spinning solution, and decomposing thecellulose of the copper ammonia cellulose in the coagulation bath to regeneratethe cellulose; the resulting hydrated cellulose is post-processed to obtaincopper ammonia fibers. The only one in the world that produces copper ammoniafiber is Japan Asahi Kasei Corporation.

Lyocellfiber, according to BISFA (The International Bureau Of Standardization OfMan-Made Fibers), as long as the cellulose fiber obtained by the organicsolvent spinning process can be called Lyocell.

Thefacial sheet mask fabric made of copper ammonia fiber is soft and shiny, andhas a silky feel. Compared with Lyocell fiber, it has excellent applicatorperformance, good hygroscopicity and great drape. At the same time, the time ofwater-trapping is significantly longer than Lyocell fiber has. Besides, thecopper ammonia fiber mask fibric performs more transparent and invisible thanLyocell fiber does.

Priuskeeps importing copper ammonia fiber from Asahi Kasei, Japan for a long time,which is widely used in all products we produce. Series of Prius masksubstrates, fabric strength, uniformity, water absorption, transparency andapplicability perform better than same type of products in this industry.

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