What are advantages of Proyons products?

What are advantages of Proyons products?

What are advantages of Proyons  products?

We face an increasingly competitive business environment and the increasingly complex product needs of our global customers. With the management concept of combination of pre-sale service and after-sales service, Prius enterprise will create different supply chain service in the global beauty industry.

Our main products include spunlaced non-woven fabric, facial sheet masks, finished mask products and so on. We have a professional material development team. In addition to the conventional tencel, bamboo fiber, long carbon fiber, mulberry silk fiber, viscose fiber, natural cotton, cupro fiber and other materials, we also continue to develop a variety of biodegradable plant fiber.

Reliable and stable product quality depends on stable material supply chain, rich manufacturing experience and exquisite technology.Perfect service system is not only in after-sales service. We think the more important is the pre-sale product supporting plan.

Perfect supply chain system is the premise of stable product quality. We provide the most stable and perfect supply chain to bring predictable problems to the forefront of product development for global customers. For the customer to put the problem in the first place. We believe that the implementation of good programs in place can nip the problem in the bud. In order to bring customers the most reliable supply support and market development support!

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