Comparison between compressed facial sheet masks and non-compressed facial sheet masks

To choose compressed facial sheet masks or non-compressed facial sheet masks depends on who is the user.

Facial sheet masks brand companies would choose non-compressed facial sheet masks which is with glossy lamination. Non-compressed facial sheet masks should be folded before packed, and filled with essence. So it’s not suitable for normal consumers to choose non-compressed facial sheet masks.

Compressed facial sheet mask is a one-time tool that is made for individuals and beauty agencies. And it’s very easy to take outside and use.

Compressed or non-compressed facial sheet masks have no any direct relation about whether the material is good. Material of non-compressed facial sheet masks can be made as compressed facial sheet masks as your wish. Material of compressed facial sheet masks is the same.

Forthe price competition, most of facial sheet masks factories produce compressed facial sheet masks with low quality spunlaced nonwoven fabric. That’s the reason why some may say compressed facial sheet mask is the cheap one. However, compressed facial sheet masks Prius produced are all made with Lyocell, Microfiber, activated carbon fiber and Cupro.

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