Why we use glossy lamination on finished facial sheet mask?

It’scommon sense that facial sheet masks that heavier than 40gsm don’t need glossylamination in international facial sheet mask industry. But facial sheet masksin China are different which are often combined with one layer (2 in 1) or twolayer (3 in 1, combined with blue nonwoven fabric) glossy lamination. Because, inChina, consumers prefer lighter facial sheet masks, which is not easy to unfoldwith essence. Then glossy lamination play its role.

Besides,when using facial sheet mask, you don’t have to peel glossy lamination off. Glossylamination will extend the usage time which could get a better result.

Andquality of glossy lamination is very important. When purchasing facial sheetmasks products, we should pay attention to it. Cheap glossy lamination may haveplasticizer. Glossy lamination Prius provided reaches food grade level. We provideyou beauty and security.

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