Prius – What kind of facial mask material is of high quality?

Prius – What kind of facial mask material is of high quality?

Infacial mask production industry, there are so many products with low qualitywhich is bad for the market. Let’s see how Prius controls quality of facialmask material.

Mostof facial mask factories cut raw material bought from material factories asfacial shape and put them on the market. On the contrary, Prius’s facial maskfabric is not the same as most products on the market. You could hardly find fabricwith the same material and pattern on the market.

Besides,Prius aim to produce high end and high quality products from its establishment,even when the whole market keeps going down and most of factories pay moreattention to low cost instead of high quality.

Priusdoesn’t suggest using softener, viscous or other chemical addition on essence,because softness, transparency and water trapping of facial mask has beenadjusted to a very good condition when fabric is being produced. While reducingthe using rate of chemical additions, fabric keeps it’s advantages forsoftness, transparency and water-trapping.

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